Hi Jon
Sue and I are extremely pleased with the Aduro wood burner. We have burnt it a couple of afternoons and evenings, and have to say it is very efficient, the manual says it will need 2 logs every hour in fact it is more like 1.5 hours. It burns down in a controlled way and gives off great heat. If you want a boost and use the Aduromatic control it quickly bursts into flame and then gradually adjusts itself. I presume this is due to the design work and testing done by the manufacturer and the heating institute in Denmark.
We would like to thank you for the great job you did fitting it. Your attention to detail making sure everything was just right and during the dirty phase when modifying and fitting the pipes to the chimney you made great efforts to dust sheet not not the lounge but also your walkway through the house. This kept dust to a minimal amount and was a pleasant change from our experience with other tradesmen.
Super service and all with a smile and a joke or two. Thanks.
Harry loves the fire to and sends his love.
Adrian and Sue
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