Our Installations take from 1-3 days in most cases, our charges start at £795.00 pi.  Scaffolding is required in most cases so build anything from £200-£500 for this. Part (flue pipe and associated products) cost obviously can vary depending on each installation so each quote is unique. But for example a normal house with a 8m high chimney, no fireplace alterations, the total cost with be around £2,500 including Stove. Each quote is unique and this is a generalisation.



By using a registered HETAS installer you will benefit in the piece of mind knowing he will provide you with a certificate at the end of each job which indicates that the work has been carried out to the relevant standards,a copy is also sent to HETAS.
HETAS then undertake the notification process to the relevant Local Authority. This provides evidence of the necessary certification, avoiding the need for your customer to seek expensive and time-consuming building notices from the Local Authority, saving up to £300 on each-and-every installation.
The 2 main problems by not using a HETAS registered installer is, your insurance may be invalid in case of a fire, and impair the sale of your house in the completion process without the proof of your HETAS certificate.